X-Block Broadhead Sharpening System

Check out the X-Block Broadhead Sharpening System. Sharpens 2, 3, and 4 blade broadheads and even bleeders. Aggressive files and three grits of diamond hones at pre-set angles help you sharpen any broadhead to lethal sharpness. Special roll up case and non-slip pad included. The X-Block sharpening system is the best we've ever seen!


  • Interchangeable files and hones provide a generous 6" sharpening stroke
  • 2 Double-Cut Steel Files & 3 Pair of Diamond Hones (Coarse 240, Medium 400 & Fine 600 grit)
  • Multiple Sharpening Platforms (3-Blade positive pitch, 2-Blade negative pitch, and Flat for Woodsmans®)
  • Convenient Velcro® attachment method
  • Files and hones are easily moved and adjustable for perfect blade alignment
  • Sharpens 2, 3 & 4 blade broadheads & broadheads with bleeder blades
  • Sharpens broadheads with fixed or replaceable blades
  • Solid, unbreakable base with non-skid pad
  • Produces deadly sharp cutting edges.... easily, accurately and reliably!
  • Rugged ballistic nylon, roll-up, "Soft Wrap" package protects entire system
  • Portable....packs easily!
  • Easy to follow instructions with expert "sharpening tips" The X-BLOCK Sharpening System is an incredible value providing bowhunters with a complete package of steel files and diamond hones that sharpen all broadheads. Sharpen bleeder blades easier than ever before!

    Steel files allow for quick metal removal and broadhead re-shaping and coarse (240 grit), medium (400 grit) and fine (600 grit) diamond hones provide the necessary surfaces for creating the razor sharp cutting edge you desire.

    Compare the value and price of this deluxe, total package with 3 sets of diamond hones and steel files against any other type of broadhead sharpener on the market today and you'll see the X-Block is the best deal out there!
X-Block Broadhead Sharpening System
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