6 Pack VPA Spur Turkey Broadheads

All products are designed and manufactured by bow hunters, for bow hunters, right here in the USA! Our VPA Spur turkey broadheads are designed for maximum energy transfer and quick kills on tough birds. The rear positioned “Spur” blades are sharpened at the outer most edge only giving a 1 1/8” cutting diameter. The forward facing edges are left unsharpened. The unsharpened facing edges, along with the space between forward and rear blades, aid in the rapid deceleration necessary for maximum energy transfer. VPA Spurs are precision machined solid from high carbon tool grade steel. This, along with our special heat treating process, provides the perfect balance of edge retention and strength. The Teflonī€ r coating increases durability and provides corrosion resistance. Our design makes a quick and easy job of sharpening and re-sharpening with just a few strokes on a sharpening stone or diamond hone. Each head is spin tested prior to packaging to ensure perfect flight at any bow speed.

Strength – Reliability – Performance

If you are serious about adding that old longbeard to your archery trophy collection, you need VPA Spurs in your quiver. You will find out why we say: 

“This ain’t your Daddy’s Broadhead!”TM

Available in: 100, 125 and 150 grain models 

Warning: Spur Turkey Broadheads are barbed. Barbed broadheads are illegal in some states/provinces. Please review you local game laws before ordering.


  • Made from High Carbon Steel
  • Easy to sharpen and re-sharpen
  • Teflon-coated
  • Designed and made by bowhunters for bowhunters!


6 Pack VPA Spur Turkey Broadheads
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  • Manufacturer: Vantage Point Archery
  • Cannot ship to: Australia
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