3R Dual Grit Broadhead Hone

The 3R Dual Grit Broadhead Hone is made for us by Norton.

Norton sharpening stones are made of the highest quality materials and are unequaled for their long sharpening life.
Our hone offers a smooth and a course side. Use the coarse side for shaping and removing a lot of material at once. Use the smooth side for final honing and polishing.
We recommend a circular or a light forward and back motion when polishing.

The 3R hone is excellent for sharpening and honing three-blade broadheads like: Snuffers, the deadly Woodsman and ofcourse Terminators. For best results, use Tru-Angle honing oil as a lubricant. Stone measures: 1 1/2" thick and 4" diameter.

3R Dual Grit Broadhead Hone
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